M Titanium 5

Titanium grade 5 is valued due to its favourable relation between high specific strength and low density. Titanium grade 5 is saltwater resistant and highly resistant to corrosive media, also it possesses an excellent biocompatibility. This working material’s properties are more favourable than of pure Titanium. In contrast to pure Titanium Titanium grade 5 can be finally cured. Density 0,56 Specific heat (J/(g x K)) 7,1 Thermal conductivity (W/(m x K)) 114 Elastic modulus (KN/mm²) 1,71 Electrical resistance (Ohm x mm²/m) 8,9 Thermal expansion (10-6/K) 4,45

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» LÜM-TEC M77+
Gender: gents
Dial: analogue
Casing: Solid Grade 5 Titanium case and crown
- 44mm width excluding crown
- 24mm lug width
- 52mm tip of the lug to tip of the lug
- 11mm thickness
- weight (on leather strap) 100g

Limited edition! Sold Out! :(
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