LÜM-TEC EU distributor

If you are interested in retail sale of our LÜM-TEC brand, send us email at: info@lum-tec.eu or call +421918494652.

   An idea to become an exclusive distributor for LÜM-TEC watches didn´t conceive by the merest chance. Our company realized deep dyed of watch market. Reason to do so was to bring our customers something NEW, something really UNIQUE. Exactly the Wiegand Custom Watch, LLC - producer of LÜM-TEC watch, succeeded as a result of using the right approach and love to watches. This inspired our expectations to bring something NEW on the market, something that was missing. Creative people from LÜM-TEC, with Mr. Chris Wiegand in head (holds an office - president of company) are really the best garantie, that all models passing their hands are just the right choise for the customers. Philosophy of company by herself is mostly based on feedback between producer and customer so the result of this correlation is that all produced models are so much wanted by the customers. Great asset is MDV technology (maximus darkness visibility) that allows full use of your watch even at night. Let us introduce these specific LÜM-TEC models and have same great fun with them as we do.

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